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Activated carbon filters

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Activated carbon filters
Activated carbon filter Activated carbon filters

Active carbon filter material is dedicated to processing the smell in the air and pollution, but also widely used in air conditioning and ventilation place air filter, wherein the activated carbon filter containing 100% surface adsorption capacity, can effectively remove the odor and harmful gas amount.

Product characteristics:

The coconut shell made, with four chlorination activity greater than 60%.

The use of polysorb activated carbon filter has a 100% surface adsorption capacity.

The frame can be waterproof board, galvanized iron or aluminum frame and the stainless steel material.

The filter according to environmental requirements, selection of material of different activated carbon materials, such as: activated carbon particles, non-woven activated carbon, activated carbon sponge and activated carbon filter.


Applicable to chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, food, hospitals and other industries.

The particles may be the whole package supply, or a metal box, or according to customer requirements of production.

The used for air filtration activated carbon non-woven fabric can be made into a plate strainer, or the entire volume of supply.

Note: the company can be customized various non-standard size, welcomes inquiries!

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